We headed down to TriBeCa to meet up with Cristina and Siro of modern fashion and lifestyle blog, The Petticoat. The duo gives a quick background of their blogging story and aesthetic, some advice for up-and-comers aspiring to get their name out there, and even their itinerary for the perfect getaway – a no-wifi, no-destination road trip by van around Europe.

What’s your story?

We started The Petticoat as a portfolio. When we both finished our college careers we found an opportunity with the Internet to show what we were able to do. We were very clear what and how we wanted to do – it was telling a story with images, no words.

At the beginning it was difficult, a lot of people didn’t understand why, for example, I don’t show my face very often. We prefer to show first the idea, then myself.

It’s more about how my style interacts with the cities, different lights, and the mood portrayed in the process.  

In respect to design, we have kept the same aesthetic from the beginning. All white, big centered images, no ads or images on the sides, only our logo that Siro created in the first year.

The name of “The Petticoat” came out from a song and we loved how it sounded. And if we think about it, we have learned a lot through the course of our blog! We’ve met a lot of interesting people, had the opportunity to work with some of our favourite brands, and we’ve travelled so much; so many things have changed since we started.

What would you say your aesthetic is? Who or where do you look for inspiration? 

I think we have our own personal style that evolved from a mix of our different points of view. I have always loved fashion – I read every magazine, watch every show, and read every book related to it. Siro comes from the art world and has never had interested in fashion at all until we first met. After that, he started to gain interest about it and I think that together we have a different perspective and reflect it in The Petticoat. We have very different ways to look for inspiration. For me the best way is to think. I love to study and think about everything that interests me. For Siro, it’s more about seeing connections in his own personal vision that inspires him.
What’s your idea of the perfect getaway? 

A van. No WiFi, no destination. When we met we used to do this a lot. We traveled around Europe, slept in our van, and decided where to go the next day. Nowadays it’s more difficult because we are always working on something, and we always travel with our phones, computers, cameras, and so on, but we have to change that and do something like this at least once a year.

What’s your all-time favorite city and why?

We are definitely not city people. We love to visit Paris or London but just for a week. If we had to choose a place It would be Hossegor in south-western France. It’s very quiet, the beach is so big, and there is no stress there. We used to go very often and we always come back with fresh ideas.
How was your experience in New York last month for Fashion Week?

It was our second Fashion Week in New York and every time we feel better in this city. There is always a new place to visit that impresses us. The first day we left our luggage in our hotel and ran to Meatpacking to see the Geoff McFetridge Exhibition, one of our favourite artists. On Sunday, we went to the Bloglovin’ Awards at the Diamond Horseshoe – we were nominated for the Best Photography this year so we were really happy!! During Fashion Week we always had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, to see a lot of shows, and to even meet a lot of friends who we haven’t seen in a long time.



Take us through your morning beauty routine! 

Normally shower at night, so when I wake up in the morning I wash my face and I apply Dior Hydra Life Serum and MAC  foundation mixed with some illuminator onto my skin.  For my eyes I use a YSL palette in dark browns or black depends of the day and I always wear mascara.
Any advice for up and coming bloggers? 

Be different. There are a lot of people doing this but if you have something that makes you unique, and you have something new to say or to show, you’re set.

What trend in fashion do you predict next? Any statements making a comeback?

There are a lot of trends right now, but for me the key is the “emotional component.” I have been collecting my grandma’s old dresses and my mum’s jewelry for years now, as well as other pieces that make me feel something, because I’ve found that when I mix these pieces with my own clothes, I can create something newer and more interesting. Now I see that I’m not the only one, and as Kristin Anderson ( says, “If the season’s new clothes are any indication, shoppers are hungrier than ever for something to grab onto, for an emotional component that extends beyond mere high-gloss luxury.”
Any exciting projects in the works? 

We have a lot of ideas and projects, but we can´t talk about them yet. Stay tuned!

Your pictures are awesome, how do you and Siro go about shooting and editing them? 

Thank you! We don’t really have a routine, because although many times it’s chaos, we think it’s better for our photos and we always get different results. Lately we have been travelling a lot, so we have done a lot of diaries and it’s more about how my style changes with every city or light. So we shoot when we find something while we are exploring the city. Then I choose the photos and Siro edits them trying to keep the photo as real as he can and then I make the post.

If you had to choose five fashion pieces to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

A hat, jeans, a tee, a jacket–everything in black–and boots because it’s my uniform when everything else fails. I always bring them with me in my suitcase.
Last question, any songs you can’t stop listening to? 


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